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Date: October 24, 2005
Contact: Tom Trexler, Vice President, Sales and Marketing
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Signature Control Wins the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE)
2005 Innovation in Thermoset Processing Award

Denver, CO - October 24, 2005 - Signature Control Systems, Inc., a leading process control equipment engineering and manufacturing company, has been awarded the Society of Plastics Engineers 2005 Innovation in Thermoset Processing award for its SmartTrac® Process Control System. The award was presented at the 51st annual Madison Thermoset Molding Conference held Oct. 20-21 in Madison, WI.

The award for Innovation in Thermoset Processing recognizes machinery, techniques or processes that reduce costs, improve product quality or permit unique thermoset fabrication options.

Michael Ferraco, Regional Sales Manager for Signature Control Systems accepted the award.

SmartTrac impedance sensing technology provides a proven method for thermoset molders to monitor and control the cure process. Similar to dielectric cure monitoring, impedance technology uses the changing electrical properties of the thermoset as it cures to determine the appropriate time to end the cure. The technology uses low-voltage sensors mounted in the mold and computer software to analyze the resulting signal. SmartTrac sends a signal to the press to open when a predetermined state-of-cure is reached. This allows thermoset molders to remove the vast majority of safety factor inserted into the processing time due to material, operator, environment and press variation. This technology has been implemented in production SMC, BMC and phenolic applications, and works on compression, injection and transfer molding presses.

Dale Brosius, Chairman of the SPE Thermoset Division (right), presenting the award to Michael Ferracco of Signature Control Systems

Ferraco cited case studies involving production applications where cure times were reduced between 18 and 38% corresponding to paybacks of less than one year and ROI over 100%. "We are especially appreciative of those companies who saw the value of the technology early and were willing to be the first to install it," Ferraco noted. Since field trials commenced in early 2003, Signature has installed over 75 systems into molding facilities across North America, and more recently, Europe. Each system has the capability to control two presses.

Additional SmartTrac benefits include parts with consistent state-of-cure and reduced scrap rates due to under cure. SmartTrac also increases machine utilization rates by reducing the time needed to start-up the press or change-out a mold.


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