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Date: November 13, 2006
Contact: Tom Trexler, Vice President, Sales and Marketing
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New ¼" Diameter Sensor Expands Opportunities for Use

New Sensor is over 50% smaller, easier to install and is the same size as many ejector pins


Denver, CO - November 13, 2006 - Signature Control Systems, Inc., a leading process control equipment engineering and manufacturing company, announced today they had just released a new ¼" in-mold impedance sensor into production. The new sensor will make it easier to install into molds due to its small footprint and straight tube construction.

The sensor head consists of electronic circuitry embedded within durable ceramic and attached to a metal alloy substrate. A steel extension rod is threaded onto the sensor head and is customizable to conform to each customer's mold depth requirements. The ¼" sensor is designed to flush-mount in the mold to monitor a material's electrical impedance changes during molding operations. Used in combination with a SmartTrac® Control System, molders optimize their process in real-time and maximize part profitability. Typical applications include injection, compression, and transfer molding of thermoset, rubber and reinforced composites.

"The SmartTrac® Intelligent Process Control System," is the only device available that can monitor and control the molding process on each and every production cycle said Dick Abramson, President for Signature® Control Systems. "The ¼" sensor will benefit molders and material manufacturers alike by expanding the number of molds they can implement the SmartTrac technology to improve their processes."

Signature Control Systems, Inc. is currently experiencing dramatic growth as its customers deploy SmartTrac® Systems to consistently and reliably reduce press cycle times by eliminating the encompassing time factors built into their process. Please visit to discover how a SmartTrac supported press can deliver substantial savings by improving productivity, quality, and reducing waste.


About Signature Control Systems SmartTrac® Intelligent Process Control System™
The SmartTrac® Intelligent Process Control System™ utilizes in-mold impedance sensors to determine the state-of-cure of molded compounds on the production floor. SmartTrac® sends a signal to the press to open when a predetermined state-of-cure is reached. This allows molders to remove the vast majority of the all encompassing time factors inserted into the process due to process variation.

Additional SmartTrac® benefits include production of parts with consistent state-of-cure, and reduced scrap rates due to under cure. SmartTrac® also increases machine utilization rates by reducing the time needed to make good parts during press start-up and mold changes.


About Signature Control Systems, Inc.
Signature Control Systems, Inc. is a leading process control equipment engineering and manufacturing company providing state-of-the-art technology solutions for the thermoset, rubber, and wood processing molding industries. With core competencies in the areas of software development and engineering, mathematical algorithms, control engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry, and materials science, Signature builds on core technology to develop intelligent monitoring and control products for a broad range of materials and chemical processing applications. Signature's innovative SmartTrac® Intelligent Process Control System™, including version 8.01 software and ceramic impedance sensor kit, and is available now through Signature Control Systems. For more information, please visit