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December 5, 2008

Media Contact: David Piper
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Signature Control Systems, Inc. Sells Worldwide Technology License to Ashland Inc.

Ashland Inc. acquires SmartTrac license for composites industry

Denver, Colo., –- Signature Control Systems, Inc., a leading process control equipment engineering and manufacturing company, announced today the sale of exclusive worldwide rights to the SmartTrac® technology for the composites industry including two key patents to Ashland headquartered in Covington, Ky.

The license acquisition by Ashland gives them the exclusive right to sell the proprietary SmartTrac technology to all customers utilizing composite applications (including thermosets). As part of the transaction, Ashland hired Tom Trexler, former vice president of sales and marketing for SCS, and Jim Diehr, SCS applications engineer.

“The SmartTrac Intelligent Process Control System is the only device available that can monitor and control the molding process on each and every production cycle,” said Cedric Ball, global marketing manager for Ashland Inc. “We intend to continue new product development in cooperation with our customers to maintain the Best-in-Class level of the SmartTrac system for characterizing thermoset compounds.”

Signature Control Systems, Inc. has retained the rights and patents to the SmartTrac technology as they pertain to the wood industry. Signature Control Systems, Inc. and Ashland have also entered into a 5-year manufacturing agreement whereby Signature Control Systems, Inc. will produce the SmartTrac system for Ashland.

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Signature Control Systems, Inc. is a leading process control equipment engineering and manufacturing company providing state-of-the-art technology solutions for the thermoset, rubber, and wood processing molding industries. With core competencies in the areas of software development and engineering, mathematical algorithms, control engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry, and materials science, Signature builds on core technology to develop intelligent monitoring and control products for a broad range of materials and chemical processing applications. Signature's innovative SmartTrac® Intelligent Process Control System™, including version 8.01 software and ceramic impedance sensor kit, and is available now through Signature Control Systems. For more information, please visit