Signature Control Engineering Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator
The SmartTrac intelligent process control system consistently and reliably reduces press cycle times by a predictable percentage. This single benefit allows for a simple and accurate projection of your return on a SmartTrac investment.

This calculator allows you to describe your press usage, and explore the significant savings resulting from SmartTrac's reduced cycle times.

Please enter values for your press into the calculator to compute your return on a SmartTrac investment.

Return on Investment Parameters
Number of Hours per Shift:    
Number of Shifts per Day:    
Number of Work Days per Week:    
Number of Working Weeks per Year:    
Press Operational Cost per Hour:

Utilization Rate Percentage:
(Percentage of time that the press
is in use, generally 80-90%)

Cycle Time Reduction Percentage:
(SmartTrac typically reduces cycle times between 10-40%)

Utilization Rate Improvement Percentage:
(Due to the elimination of imperfect cures)

Reduced Scrap Savings in Dollars per Year:
(SmartTrac's consistent cure drastically reduces waste)

SmartTrac Cost per Press:
(Please consult with your Signature Control representative)


Return on Investment Analysis

Pay Back
Period (Months)
One Year
Three Year