Technology Overview
Thermoset and Rubber Moulding
To understand Signature Control Systems' technology and products, it is important to understand three essential principles pertaining to materials in process:
  • Impedance:  When in process, many materials exhibit a unique (or "signature") impedance response curve that does not vary in basic shape due to variations in the raw materials and/or production process.

  • Correlation:  Because the impedance of a material is directly associated with its current molecular state, features of these "signature" impedance curves can be directly and accurately correlated to critical chemical and physical changes (milestones) that occur in the material during the production process.

  • Rule Base:  Through correlation with the features of a signature curve, it is possible to create a unique "expert system" or "rule base" that monitors and controls the production process on a real-time, adaptive, and intelligent basis.
The application of these principles to optimize production processes is the foundation of Signature Control Systems' Intelligent Process Control systems. We apply these principles in the following ways:
  • Sensors that Measure Impedance:  In order to make use of a material's signature impedance curve within a production process, you must first be able to accurately, consistently, and non-destructively measure the material's impedance as it is being processed.

    Signature's array of unique, proprietary, and patented impedance sensors refine almost any production process.

  • Services that Analyze and Correlate:  The ability to measure the signature impedance curve of a given material is only the beginning. The data must be analyzed and features of the curve must be correlated to critical production milestones.

    Signature offers engineering services to ascertain, analyze, and correlate signature impedance curves for almost any material processing application.

  • Expert Systems that Monitor and Control:  Once a signature impedance curve has been analyzed and correlated to critical production milestones, the parameters and features of the curve must be programmed into an expert systems as a reference. Once programmed, the expert system must be able to make real-time, intelligent process control decisions based on the recognition of key features in the measured impedance signature of the material in process.

    Signature has created software that allows the user to create rule bases (expert systems) that monitor impedance, analyze the current state of the material in process, intelligently coordinate subsequent production events, and provide control signals to process equipment.